My name is Charllotte (previously known as Rheea), a self-taught illustrator based in Singapore. My drawing style is best described as dreamy and whimsical. I've always felt a connection with animals, especially dogs. My mischievous miniature dachshund, Nono, is the inspiration behind my works!

Dollgift is operated by me, Charllotte alone, from design, production, managing the website and all other administrative and logistical matters. When I started this venture in 2008, I made a promise to contribute a small portion of the proceeds to animal shelters/welfare groups or my merchandise for fundraising purposes. I'm blessed to be able to support causes that are close to my heart. Thank you for making this possible for me. I'm open to commissions for custom portraits, general illustrations, gift customisations etc. Do get in touch to find out more! :)

Every piece of my work shares a story of love, hope and the simple joys of life. May you enjoy these little stories.

*Nono went to the rainbow bridge on 28 Jan 2015 after 12 wonderful years with us. He may have left us physically, his spirit lives on forever. <3*


Clients: Cresenture, Zenith Motoring, Helen Accessories, Babies In Tees (BITs), Winged Wheel (Japan), Stamping Bella (US), MET Colors (US), Bright Licensing (UK), Reborn (Australia). 

”Our holiday cards which were designed by Rheea became one of the top sales items in our winter collections. In addition, two of her designs were featured on ‘Daily Candy’, the famous design and fashion online magazine in the US. I always enjoy working with her because she has not only great sense of creative skills but also has an excellent communication skill.’’ -Rumi Nagata, Winged Wheel (Tokyo)