My name is Charllotte (previously known as Rheea), a self-taught illustrator based in Singapore. My drawing style is best described as dreamy and whimsical. I've always felt a connection with animals, especially dogs. My mischievous miniature dachshund, Nono, is the inspiration behind my works. 

When I started Dollgift in 2008, I made a pledge to donate a small portion of my profit to the animal shelters (whichever shelters/individuals I felt called to help). I'm blessed to be able to support a cause close to my heart. Thank you for making this possible for me.

Every piece of my work shares a story of love, hope and the simple joys of life. May you enjoy these little stories.

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*Nono went to the rainbow bridge on 28 Jan 2015 after 12 wonderful years with us. He may have left us physically, his spirit lives on forever. <3*



Clients: Cresenture, Zenith Motoring, Helen Accessories, Babies In Tees (BITs), Winged Wheel (Japan), Stamping Bella (US), MET Colors (US), Bright Licensing (UK), Reborn (Australia).