Hello, September. Hello, new blog!

HELLOooo.. Welcome to my new blog!!!

I'm so excited about my new blog! Not only is Wordpress much easier to work with, it has a prettier typeface too! I hope this will motivate me to update more often. :p

Well, the weekend is here once again! What are you guys up to? I'm typing this post at a Starbucks, sipping my favourite green tea latte... With a breathtaking scenery outside and  a cute boy sitting right next to me, what more can I ask for.. sigh ;)

There's a song I'd really like to share with you. It's my latest favorite by Jason Mraz called, 'Living in the moment'. Simply love the lyrics and catchy tune! What a great reminder for us to be present and enjoy each moment everyday.


Have a fabulous weekend!

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.