Basic Illustration Class - Lesson 7

Hello! It's yet another week so here's the recap on my basic illustration lesson 7 with Jimmy.

It was a very challenging lesson for me as we'd to create my FIRST EVER sci fi art! I only managed to complete this piece at home but boy, I love the end result! Without further ado, let me show you my proud creation. Heh~

For a start, we experimented with 'custom shapes' and brushes. The textured effect on my island/mountains were done with the help of custom shapes and special brush for the grass. You can actually download free interesting brushes and customs shapes online. The ones I used were from Jimmy's collection and it was very generous of him to share it with us.   

I got bored with this and started on a new piece. Ah.... this is much better.

After creating a basic form using a combination of custom shapes, I got this.

Then putting what I've learnt to good use by adding in the details with various brush effect; multiply, soft light, hard light and my favourite guy ---> color dodge.

I thought of creating some spacecrafts but quickly dismissed that idea. Then. I had another idea... How about an iron pegasus?! Woo. I love that idea!

I found a horse image which I'd like to work on. 

And came out with this. I LOVE IT!!

lesson 7iii-rheeazhang.png

I then consulted Jimmy for feedback and suggestion on how I can create a magical effect around the horse. This was what he came out with. Wow! It looks like a fantasy sci fi piece. I liked that the focus is fully on my magnificent horse (prince) now.

Have a magical new week ahead! ^^

❤ Blessings, Rheea