Spotted! Quick, catch them all before they disappear!
 Spotted this sweetie moon tanning on the mountain top last night.   
 May the force be with you this Christmas, and throughout the year...
 This little guy was searching for a ball that looks something like a marble ball, except there are stars inside. He told me he'd collected 6 and just 1 more to go, he'd be able to summon a dragon. Wow really, a real DRAGON?!!! Please help him find the last magical ball!
 This morning, a spotless golden lamp had magically landed on my doorstep! Not surprisingly, a genie appeared when I rubbed on the lamp. This genie looked a little comical but I was nonetheless thrilled to meet him. He promised to grant me three wishes - the first wish I made was for everyone reading this be filled with love, great health, joy and peace. My second wish was for all animals to be treated with love and compassion. As for my third wish, I shall keep it a secret :)
 Found this cute little fellow as I went hiking in the forest over the weekend. He was watering some mushrooms.. many mushrooms actually.. like literally over hundreds or even thousands of them? He told me he lives there with his brother and they both have a thing for mushrooms.. not sure why. I think he mentioned something about it making them grow taller and stronger? Hmmm...
 It was a rare phenomenon - This morning, I walked past the basketball court to find this pair battling it out under the hot sun. I don't condone violence so I'd actually like this healthy idea! But perhaps they could have changed into something more comfortable? As you can see, it was a very tough match. Now tell me who's your bet?
 OMG, THERE HE IS!!!! My irresistibly charming Superhero. He was holding some pretty flowers and balloons which obviously were not for me. He told me he was on his way to Jane's birthday party and those were for her. My heart shattered into a zillion pieces... But it's okay, I'm happy that I got to take a photo of him.
 So I heard they were in town... I was so lucky to run into not just one but several of them. They looked like a bunch of excited bananas running down the street chasing bubbles. I do think they aged quite abit since I saw them last year. What do you think? Anyway I'm trying VERY hard to learn their language so we can communicate better next time.
 It wasn't hard to spot this Superhero from far. The only thing I had to worry about was getting stepped on. He was rushing off to catch the Spiderman II movie when I found him and so he invited me to join him. Of course I said yes! This sweet gentle giant carried me to sit on his shoulder during the show so I could have the best view (we even shared a gigantic box of popcorn!) Needless to say, it was the BEST movie date I ever had.
 I lost my way today and ended up at a beach. It was a glorious sunny day anyway, so I decided to stay a little while. And I'm glad I did. Guess who I bumped into? I LOVE this fellow!! He is really funny and nice... and pink (much pinkier in person actually). He even shared with me where to get cool and cheap flowery shorts like the ones he has! Oh, and one more reason to love this guy - he told me he supports team Singapore for SEA Games 2015. ;) All the best team Singapore!
 I'd been searching the whole town before the sun came out today but there was no Superhero in sight. As dark clouds started to gather and rain began to fall, I decided to call it a day. Wait a second... I felt a shadow over my head. As I glanced up, I couldn't believe my eyes. There he was, the second Superhero of my search, holding his shield over my head to shelter me from the pouring rain. I wished it'd rain forever!
 Spotted the first Superhero at the corner of a street practicing his web spinning skill this morning. I wanted to approach him to teach me to spin some web but.... Judging from the webs he spun, I thought maybe he still needs more practice? What do you think?
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