~Custom Couple Portrait - A sweet and unique keepsake.~


We offer the following packages to suit your needs. Each package offers a different level of customisation and personalisation.

A) Personalisation

Add the couple's names and the special date on an illustration from our gallery above. This is an affordable and fuss-free option suitable for those who do not require any changes to the original artwork.

B) Customisation

(A) + your choice of colour for the background/props, couple's hairstyles and attires. This is suitable for those who wish to change the 'look' of the characters in the illustration to reflect that of the recipients.

View samples and testimonials of past clients' Customisation orders HERE.

C) Exclusive

Full customisation to your preferred personal story including, but not limited to, background setting, design, characters, hairstyles, attires, text etc.

View samples and testimonials of past clients' Exclusive orders HERE.


You get to decide if you would like the artwork to be sent to you in hardcopy, softcopy or both formats. You can even have it printed on products! Some popular merchandise we offer are electronic device cases,mugs,apparel,and home decor. Please refer to Redbubble for the full range.



*Please note that all prices stated are in USD

1. Hardcopy archival art prints start from $60 for 5x7"

2. Digital softcopies start from $80 for files printable to 5x7"

Depending on the type of package (Personalisation, Customisation or Exclusive), order processing takes between 1 to 3 weeks. A fee will be incurred for urgent orders. 

Please enquire with us using the form below for our pricelist!


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The common dimensions for photos/art prints are 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 (inches).
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1) Hard copy - Printed on high quality textured art paper. 2) Soft copy - PDF, JPEG or PNG file.