Samples & Testimonials

Photo Reference Orders:

''OMG!! The colors really bring it to life. I love the details on Tasha's dress and you captured her little face perfectly. Derek is gonna love how young you made him look!'' - Sharaine (United States)

''Thanks for the sweet sweet surprise, Liz Chen. We love it especially when you had Lucky with us.'' - Della (Singapore)


Exclusive Orders (fully customized to their story):

''I am at a loss for words.... absolutely beautiful! You’ve outdone yourself and my expectations. You truly are an artist. My husband and I loved everything, even the birds and the fish coming out of the water. The colors of the sunset and everything is simply amazing. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.'' - Diane (United States)


''I wanted to thank you again for creating such a wonderful gift, a keepsake that will be the centerpiece of our little girl's nursery. I gave the artwork to her last night and right when she unwrapped it she began to cry and said "You got me a Dollgift!?" She was awestruck and totally surprised. She said it captures so much.Thank you again.'' - Kevin (United States)


''Without much knowledge, I ordered an artwork from Charllotte. "I want it with my family members in it", that is all I told her. Being friendly and professional, Charllotte guided me slowly and allowed me to create a picture of what i want in my mind. And after given her the necessary informations, the artwork is created in no time. It is impressive and left me speechless. My wife and kids loved it too. Thank you, Charllotte!'' - Jianhui (Singapore)

The sketch looks so nice and my sis and I really love it! My sis loves our dog on it and she’s so surprised and wondered you looked at real Sakura before because it resembles so much. This will definitely be the most wonderful present for our parents!'' - Aoba (Japan)

''With your talent, a meaningful artwork with excellent printing has been created. Definitely this is the most artwork I like in this year. Thank you for the patience and hard work in making this master piece. Much appreciate !!'' - Hui Chin (Malaysia)

''Hi Charllotte! We'd successfully done our wedding banquet and your artwork really caught guests eyes as a welcome board. Thank you again for the quick and great work!'' - Aoba (Japan)


Customized Orders:

"You asked me to let you know if this is's unbelievably more than fine! It's gorgeous! I knew it was going to be beautiful but I didn't know that it was going to be more beautiful than I thought it was going to be! My husband and I love it very much! It describes our wedding day perfectly. Thank you again." - Diane (United States)

''I absolutely love our customised couple portrait by Charllotte Ashlie @dollgift !! She took ideas from all of our photos to make the perfect picture! The bouquet of flowers he is holding is from our wedding day photos! Check out her page for the cutest artwork!'' - Stacie (United States)

''Thank you for your help with this customized order, it’s been a pleasure and I’m extremely happy with the result! I’m glad to also contribute to the wellbeing of dogs in need with my purchase. Needless to say, they loved it! I will also leave you a good review because it's well deserved! Thank you once again for the beautiful artwork, everyone loves it and my experience with you was nothing short of fantastic.'' - Giulia (Australia)