My name is Charllotte (previously known as Rheea), a self-taught illustrator from Singapore. My drawing style is best described as dreamy and whimsical. I have always felt a connection with animals, especially dogs. My mischievous miniature dachshund, Nono, was the inspiration behind my works. After his passing in 2015, I make sure his spirit continues to live on in my art.

Over the last decade, I had the privilege to work with clients both locally and worldwide, on commercial as well as personal projects/ assignments. I was represented by Met Colors (USA) in 2011 and Bright Group Agency (UK) in 2014, and had the chance to share my art on an array of merchandise around the world.

While I dedicate my life to create art that make people smile, the one mission dearest to my heart is to raise awareness for animal welfare and to promote love and compassion towards animals. 10% of my sale proceeds are donated to animal welfare groups. Therefore your support is very important to us! You can read more about the causes I support and my art journey HERE!

If you feel inspired by my story and would like to make a contribution to support what I do, you can do so via the donation button at the bottom of my website. Your love and support will allow me to continue on this journey. 

I am open to licensing, commission for custom portraits and general illustrations. Do get in touch to enquire! Every piece of my work shares a story about love, hope and the simple joys of life. May you enjoy these little stories.