Adventure (I Have A Wish)

So I have a dream to publish my very own picture book(s). I know I’ve been saying it for years and still, no book in sight. Occasionally, friends would ask about my progress and I'd smiled sheepishly in reply. The fact is, I had ideas for the book and even came out with complete drafts on two stories but somehow they just didn't feel 'good enough’. At least not enough to drive me forward. Today as I was going through my old sketches again, I suddenly had an idea - perhaps I can get you guys to do it together with me! It would be really interesting to see what we can come out with together. Okay, so here’s my plan - I’m going to need you guys to give me ideas for the book while keeping these points in mind:

1. It has to be animal related. No violence/ cruelty of any kind please. It could be something to raise awareness for animal welfare though (just a thought).
2. It has to start with ‘I have a wish… I wish _____________________.'
3. Be as imaginative and whimsy as possible coz that’s my style! It can be a personal story, something you experienced in your dreams or, just be creative!

I’ve done up a sample for you. Image 1 - ‘I have a wish...’ Image 2 - ‘I wish my teddy bear could come to life and we would go on adventures together.’ You can comment below my post or send me your idea. Send in as many as you like. If your idea gets chosen, I will credit you AND draw you in as the character.

Honestly I have no idea where this is going or if I’ll be publishing the book at all. But I do know for sure I have to start taking baby steps OR I’ll just continue to sit here and procrastinate. If this is something that interest you, start throwing me your ideas. Also, please help to get this message out so we can have more people join us. I’ll post whatever I can come out with as we go along. Have fun!

❤ Blessings, Charllotte