Basic Illustration Class - Lesson 2

For our second lesson, we learned about one-point and two-point perspective. Below is how an object will look in a one-point perspective drawing.

With a two-point perspective drawing, we're able to create a more dynamic look.

(Yet another funny looking monster by me. Haha!) 

For second part of the lesson, we learned to create a two-point perspective piece completed with colours (on tablet and Photoshop). It was SO fun!  

We also learned that objects that are nearest to us tend to be darkest in tone... the further they get, the lighter the tone and less sharp they become. Also, the further the objects, the cooler the shades will get. Notice we've added shades of blue to the mountains. 

*Tip: You can start off with painting the entire piece in a light shade of blue. This is because the colour of the sky can affect the objects around.

And this was what my lecturer, Jimmy came out with in just 2 hours. Love the depth of the art piece!

I'm really glad to have such an amazing lecturer. Not only is he very talented. He's also very generous in imparting his skills and knowledges to us. His passion and enthusiasm is indeed inspiring.

You can find some really great tips on Jimmy's facebook page,

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Thank you and have a lovely week ahead~~ :)

❤ Blessings, Rheea