Custom Portrait

A few recent custom portraits to share with you in this post. As I rarely update my blog, please follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook for frequent updates!

Here’s a commissioned portrait of Casey and Finnegan (both sweet babies are in heaven). 🐶🌈💕 Scroll down to see photos of the two sweeties and my client’s lovely review. Thank you for your love and support, Trisha. Encouragements like this remind me of why I’m doing what I do. ❤️❤️❤️ @oliver_n_henry 

Commission portrait for a lovely couple and their adorable furbaby. 😍 There was a special request to draw in the multiple moles on the guy’s face. LOL 😂🤓 (Photos shared with permission).

Commission portrait of Otto. Otto was rescued at a very old age, deaf and with only one eye. He earned his wings and crossed the rainbow bridge 3 months ago.. 🐶🌈💕 Scroll down to see photos of this beautiful boy and my client’s lovely review. Thank you for sharing about this sweet boy with me and for giving him a second chance at life. @dilly.otto. I love him even though we never met.. ❤️

If you’d like commission a portrait, please see my Shop page or send me an enquiry! I offer a wide selection of customisation options depending on your budget and preference. You can have the portrait as wall art or printed on a wide range of merchandise. 🤩 More gift ideas can also be found on my Redbubble store,

❤ Blessings, Charllotte