Past Works And Background

Happy midweek!

Hope you're having a good week so far.

Today I've got three pieces of my past works here to share with you. These treasures were found while decluttering my room some weeks back. And I'd managed to throw/ give away over TWENTY bags of stuffs! It felt soooo good. -u- 

The first piece was a huge A2 size pen drawing I did for a school assignment ten years ago (now I feel old :( ). This wasn't my first attempt with a technical pen since I'd tried pen drawings during art classes in high school, BUT it was my very first attempt on such a huge paper.


Next was a charcoal drawing, done in A2 size as well. Yes, it was rather frightening to work with such a big size (for a small girl like me) but I must say I was pretty pleased with the result of these two assignments. Heh.

A little history...

I graduated from an art school (Lasalle-SIA College of The Arts) with a diploma in Fashion Design. I was never good in academics during my school life and since art was the only subject I love, it makes sense that I'd chosen the creative path. You may wonder, why fashion? Honestly, I do not have a clear answer for myself. All I know was when I was young, I dreamed of seeing gorgeous models catwalk down the runway in the clothes that I designed and made. Slowly, my illusion as a fashion designer began to fade away after I set foot into the 'real' fashion world. Though I still enjoy a little sewing now and then, I'd come to terms that fashion is just not my cup of bubble tea. 

The third piece of work is an acrylic painting I did much more earlier.. when I was about twelve? It was done at a private art school I attended in my elementary school years where we learned the basics of various drawing techniques such as pencil sketches, crayon, watercolor, and acrylic painting. Unfortunately, I stopped at the oil painting level as I entered my teen years.  

I know I do not have a strong art background and this lack of knowledge/ skill has a big effect on my confidence in my works. Nonetheless, I'm very thankful to be blessed with fans who love and support my art. 

This said, I'll definitely brush up my skills and work hard to create more beautiful works!^^

Thank you for reading.~

❤ Xoxo, Rheea