I Want To Be The Brightest Star In The Sky

After much procrastination, I'd picked up that pencil/pen again! Heh. Not surprisingly, I couldn't stop once I get started.

Many people have told me how cool a tablet is, that I could easily and instantly edit any mistake while drawing. Well, I bought a tablet 2 years ago, worked on a few projects with it and now I'm considering to sell it. Lol. I guess I still very much prefer the natural look of the strokes of a real inked pen than that of a tablet. Plus, I actually find traditional drawing very therapeutic!

I'd spent 1 hour on the grass alone and I love how it turned out (now you know why I said it's therapeutic). I doubt I can create the same effect with a tablet. 

Lastly, filling in the colors in Photoshop! 

Couldn't decide which one looks better.. Perhaps I like the blue star a wee bit more since it is one of my favorite colors.

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''Darkness only exists so we can see the stars.''~

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.