I heard it's your birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all September babies!

Sorry for being a little bias here because it's the birthday month of my Nono boy. Heh.

Yes, my naughty boy will turn 11 tomorrow.

Time flies.. Nono was still a tiny little baby when he came to our family 10 years ago.It's hard not to feel sad whenever I think of how many more years he'll be around. Afterall, he is the very first dog we've had. That said, I'm really thankful that he is still in good health and all active when he sees/ smells food.

Ohhhh... I just realised I've not posted any photo of him on this blog! I promise to post some photos of him here soon. Alternatively, you can find frequent updates of Nono on my Instagram.

Chat soon!

❤ Xoxo, Rheea