Once Upon A Time

Hello to a brand new week! ^^

It's 11.11 today (one of my favourite number combinations)!

After my artwork submission, I can get back to drawing again. Yay! I always appreciate the time I get to spend on drawing; something I find very therapeutic and fun! From brainstorming on ideas, doodling them onto my sketchbook and filling up the paper with pen strokes to finally adding the colors in Photoshop.. I have to say, I really enjoy every single process. It feels as though I've transformed into the little characters I created for my stories. In that instance, I'd forget all about the real world.  

onceuponatime3_dollgift by rheea.png

This time round, I did a different experimentation on my usual style - I refrained myself from using black (giving myself a pat on the shoulder). It looks so much softer without the harsh solid black lines. Also, I added a pale yellow background, giving it an even gentler mood. I absolutely love the nostalgic feel!

I'm amazed by how my works had turned out each time I put my mind to try something different.

Is there something different you tried recently?

Have you spotted Nono?

Have you spotted Nono?

onceuponatime1_dollgift by rheea.png
onceuponatime4_dollgift by rheea.png

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onceuponatime-frame2_dollgift by rheea.png

Next, I'll be working on some inspirational illustrations! I know, everyone needs some encouragement and inspiration from time to time. Well, I'll save the details for my next post. 

Meanwhile, take care and smile lots!  

❤ Xoxo, Rheea