Ordering a Custom Illustration

If you would like to order a custom illustration from me but were unsure how it works or what to expect, this post is for you.

For this particular assignment, my client sent me an email enquiry - she wanted an illustration of a childhood memory she had with her dad. She sent me some reference photos along with these keywords to work around - ferris wheel, motorbike, badminton and/or rambutans. After confirmation of order (payment made), I gathered more details from her eg. model of the motorbike, type of house, etc.

I then proceeded to brainstorm some ideas and work on the sketches. My client selected one sketch out of the lot and let me know what she’d liked for me to add or amend.

Here, she'd chosen the 3rd sketch to be worked on. Below was pretty much how it looked with more details added.


My client then requested to have - 1) one of the elements in the background removed to simplify the art piece, 2) Slight changes to the characters' hairstyles, 3) Car plate number to be added.


Final stage - Filling in the colours plus some background colour variations to choose from.

So here you go! This was how the final piece looked (I enlarged the characters to make them stood out more).


Please note that every assignment is unique so the procedures may vary. But rest assure that I will communicate with you closely and guide you through every step - You'll be involved from ideas, concepts, drafts and the colour stages to final proof. The file will only be sent out for printing once I get the green light from you.

For hard copy prints, I use high quality, fade-resistant (archival) printing method so you can expect art museum print quality. Alternatively, you may choose to have the artwork send to you in soft copy or printed on merchandise. There are various packages options to choose from, depending on your need.

The turnaround time for order processing to printing typically takes 2-3 weeks and longer during festive period. A fee will be incurred for urgent orders. Information on shipping cost and duration can be found on our Info page.

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If you have any question, feel free to contact me! :)

❤ Blessings, Charllotte