Superhero Adventure (part 8)

I've decided to expand my search for superheroes to non-superheroes as well since many interesting characters I spotted can hardly be classified as a superhero. This was one of them.

I found this cute little fellow as I went hiking in the forest over the weekend. He was watering some mushrooms.. many mushrooms actually.. like literally over hundreds or even thousands of them? He told me he lives there with his brother and they both have a thing for mushrooms.. not sure why. I think he mentioned something about it making them grow taller and stronger? Hmmm...

Which character(s) would you like me to search for next? Share your thoughts and fantasy with me! If your idea get selected, not only will you be able to see your favourite character posted here, you'll also receive a print of the drawing which you can hang on your wall and see everyday! ;)

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