Origami Series

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was fun.

As promised, here are the two pieces of works I did for my Origami series. Art print is available on Etsy. Do check out my Etsy store for all other lovely art pieces and merchandise, www.etsy.com/shop/dollgift! :)



Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me

Do you like this series?

I'm working on the third piece now. You can follow my Facebook page or Instagram for first-hand update on my works! Don't say I didn't tell you ;)

Have a great new week ahead!

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Sweet Surrender

Happy happy Monday!

Here's sharing with you another illustration I created for my gift card collection. As usual, I did a few variations for licensing purpose.

sweet surrender_handdrawn-dollgiftbyrheea.png
sweet surrender1_dollgiftbyrheea.png
sweet surrender_detail_dollgiftbyrheea.png
Added colour and texture to background

Added colour and texture to background

A different variation

A different variation

Balloons pattern

Balloons pattern

sweet surrender_dollgiftbyrheea.png

If you like 'Sweet Surrender' and would like to purchase the art print, please visit my Etsy store HERE

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Have a sweet new week ahead~

❤ Xoxo, Rheea & Nono


I heard it's your birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all September babies!

Sorry for being a little bias here because it's the birthday month of my Nono boy. Heh.

Yes, my naughty boy will turn 11 tomorrow.

Time flies.. Nono was still a tiny little baby when he came to our family 10 years ago.It's hard not to feel sad whenever I think of how many more years he'll be around. Afterall, he is the very first dog we've had. That said, I'm really thankful that he is still in good health and all active when he sees/ smells food.

Ohhhh... I just realised I've not posted any photo of him on this blog! I promise to post some photos of him here soon. Alternatively, you can find frequent updates of Nono on my Instagram.

Chat soon!

❤ Xoxo, Rheea


When Nono Meets Binnie (the adventure of nono and binnie)

My boy is so happy today.

For almost half his life, Nono has been a very shy boy. I'm glad things changed when he met Binnie today.

He even offered her his favorite balloon.

They got along pretty well probably because they are both equally shy.

I can tell these two are going to be friends for life.

If you like 'New Friend' and would like to purchase the art print, please visit my Etsy store HERE

Thank you for reading!  

❤ Xoxo, Rheea

Fly Me To The Moon

If you've been following my works, you may notice a little more details in my recent drawings compared to my past works. I'll let you in on a little secret.. I'd discovered the pleasure of seeing my plain white paper covered with little pen strokes.. the more the better. I know what you're thinking; my boyfriend and friend think I'm a pervert too. Lol.

The challenges I faced on this particular piece were the cloud's shading and funnily, the moon! I had to google on the color of the moon and got confused further since it's color tone varies on different days. After finally deciding on an orange-yellow tone and happily filled up the moon, I realized it was looking more like a sun. -.- I was on the verge of changing the concept to a sun instead but decided to give it one last shot. This time, I added in more shades of yellow and some chickenpox-like detail (what a nice description). Honestly, I'm still not very satisfied with the result but that should be the best for now. 

To purchase this print, please visit our Etsy store HERE.

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.

Follow The Stars

I have always been fascinated with the sky above; the moon, the stars, the clouds and rainbow. Each time I stare up into the blue sky or a star-filled night, I find myself wondering what's beyond. Are there Angels, Unicorns or other celestial beings living above? Strange as it may sound, I feel an immense sense of peace by the thought of it. Somehow my heart 'knew' that was where I came from and I will be going back there someday...


To purchase this print, please visit our Etsy store HERE.

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.


Alternative Anniversary/ Wedding Gift Idea

Do you know what's the best thing I like about being a designer?

Yes, I can design whatever I like. BUT the most fun part is that I get to make people happy when I customize something which adds a personal touch for them.

I remember reading this quote somewhere,

''Business is about making people's lives better in some ways.''

In my case, I find fulfillment in designing something that make people's lives happier!

Few weeks ago, I came out with the tumbler series where customers get to personalize it with their name and messages (check HERE for more details about the tumblers! *Stock for the black ones are running out).

Today, I'm excited to launch my latest artwork! Tah-dahhhh!!~~~

balloon house_5
balloon house_2

You can personalize this lovely balloon house to a unique and beautiful wall decor for yourself or your loved ones! A great alternative choice to the usual guestbook.

I'm sure it would make a perfect gift for anniversary, wedding, house warming, birthday and any event you can possibly think of.~

This print measures 16’’ x 20’’, with up to 230 balloons (picture frame not included).

If you need a different dimension or number of balloons, let me know and I'll make the change for you (price differs for a different dimension).

So, how can you personalize this lovely artwork?

You can include your:

1) Names/ Initials

2) A heading if you like (above the balloons) e.g. Our Wedding, Happy Anniversary.

3) Event date

4) Number of balloons (guests)

5) Color choice.

Can’t find the color combination you like? Then pick up to 3 colors of your choice from the color chart!

balloon house_3
balloon house_4

Are you ready to create your very own balloon house? Here's the link to find out all about it!

Stay tuned for more wonderful gift ideas!!~~~ ^^

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.

I Believe I Can Fly

My very first attempt at Adobe Illustrator and a tablet!

Since I'm so used to hand drawing and Photoshop, doing everything from scratch with a tablet, on a new software came as a big challenge. I nearly wanted to throw my computer out of the window a few times when I was working on this. Thankfully, I love my less than a year old Macbook too much to do anything silly.

Of course I'm still not very satisfied with the end result, but somehow I love the fact that I can now have the flexibility of changing the dimension of my drawing without compromising on the quality. Big YEAH!

I promise myself to practice hard on it (and promise to my Macbook that I'll never scare her again).

Artwork titled: I believe I can fly~ 

i believe i can fly
i believe i can fly

''Never give up.And most importantly, be true to yourself.Write from your heart, in your own voice about what you believe in.''  -Louise Brown

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.