Christmas Special!

Yipeeee!!!! I’m so happy my new computer is finally here and I’m able to resume work! :D

Are you counting down to Thanksgiving and Christmas like I do? Well, if you do not have in mind what to get for your loved ones yet, I might just have the perfect idea for you - A custom portrait/ gift would make an exceptional gift! You can have it printed as wall art or on merchandise such as apparels, mobile cases, pillows, stationeries and many more!

I’m offering a 20% discount off ALL custom portrait orders on my website from now till 5th Dec, at no minimum spending! Simply enter XMAS2018 to enjoy the offer upon checkout. There is a wide range of customisation options to choose from depending on your budget and preferences.

See all selections here - Order A Portrait.

First time commissioning a portrait and have no idea how it works? Go to - How It Works

Still feeling unsure? See some past clients' portrait for ideas and their reviews here - Samples & Reviews.

Free feel to drop me a message if you still have any question, I’ll be happy to help!

❤ Blessings, Charllotte

Order A Portrait

I often get enquiries from people wanting to know how they can commission a portrait from me. Since I offer a number of customisation options, I understand it can be very confusing to some people. So I spent the past few days restructuring my website and also adjusted the pricing. When you go to my Order A Portrait page, you’ll be able to see the different types of portraits I offer and a page specifically to explain how each type works HERE.

If you’ve been wanting to order a portrait from me, now is the best time to do so because I’m offering a 10% off ALL portraits  to test out this new system. Offer is for limited period only (no minimum spending). Simply enter code word STAR444 during checkout to enjoy the offer.

See past clients' portrait for ideas and their reviews HERE

Ready to order a portrait? Head over to my Order A Portrait page! Drop me a message if you need more help. :)

❤ Blessings, Charllotte

We're Back!

Can't believe we actually left this blog quiet for a year! We're very sorry for the neglect. However, we still post on instagram and facebook regularly, so please follow us there to ensure you don't miss out on any updates. On a side note, we'd created separate Instagram account for personal stuff so you'll only be seeing work related posts (and occasional pics of sweet Milo) on our Dollgift account.

As of today, we'd closed our Etsy store to fully focus on our main website and Redbubble. You can find lovely wall arts, stationeries, clothing, phone cases and home decors of our artworks on Redbubble such as these:

Like what you're seeing? Head over to our Redbubble store for more -

If you're looking for something unique (think one-of-a-kind!) for yourself or a loved one, we offer customisation/ personalisation services as well. For instance, our couple portrait would make perfect wedding, anniversary or valentine's day gifts. You can choose from a selection of packages we offer to suit your needs. Please visit our newly added page - Shop --> Couple Portrait for full details. In fact, we spent quite an amount of time on re-organising this site so it's easier to navigate around than before. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any question!

Meanwhile we're working on wedding invitation cards series. Do subscribe to our blog or stayed tuned for updates on instagram and facebook.

That's all we have for you today.

Have a beautiful day. Have a cupcake.~


❤ Blessings, Charllotte

Brave Heart

Close your eyes, brave ones... and follow wherever your heart leads you.~

Art print is available in our store. We have also just added the following items to our product range!

If you reside in Singapore, you can also visit this retail shop that carry some of our mugs and cards - Cat Socrates. I love this shop so much! Each time I go there, I will buy something back. :p I'm sure you'll do the same. Have a wonderful week ahead~

❤ Blessings, Charllotte

New In Store~

Sorry I haven't been able to update my blog as much as I wished. Please do follow me on Facebook or Instagram for frequent updates.

The other day I was telling a friend about my feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence in my work. And he said this to me, ''Dear Charllotte, you are one person doing several people's jobs; the creative aspect, production, sales & marketing, delivery and administrative.. and you expect yourself to excel in every areas. Isn't that a little too much to ask of? His words enlightened me. He was so right, I should be less critical and start giving myself more pats on the shoulder from now on.

Have you been kind to yourself? <3

Our web store has been up and running. All the products on my store are designed by me and printed in Singapore. The best part is, you can personalise them with your name or favourite quote at no extra cost. Here are just some of the many cute items we have:

Visit our Shop page for full product range! By making a purchase, you're helping me to keep my small venture going. Furthermore, 10% of the sale proceeds will go towards helping local animal shelters, so you'll be helping the animals too! We thank you in advance for your kind support.

❤ Blessings, Charllotte

Let's Be Happy~

We can be happy when we make up our minds to be. Let's all be happy!~

What are some of your favourite quotes? Share them with me and I'll see what I can come out with in my next inspirational post. :)

*Art print available on Etsy >>

If you're looking for unique invites for your wedding, engagement or save-the-date, I might have what you need! You may choose the designs from my existing portfolio or request to customise a new design exclusively for you. The best part is, there is no minimum quantity requirement; you can choose to print as few cards as you like.

More details can be found on my website under the Customisation tab or simply click on this link >> .

Feel free to get in touch if you have any question. Have a sweet day!

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Wedding Invites & Quote Of The Week

Lovely wedding invitation cards customised for a German couple! <3

‘We are all one-winged angels. Our task here on earth is to find another one-winged angel who will share his wing with us, to hold us. And together we can fly back to the most high.’

We can print as little as 10 cards. No minimum quantity is required. To customise yours, please get in touchMore details can be found here >>

And here's the quote of the week:

That's right. When life knocks you down, you have two choices; you either get up or you roll over and look at the stars. :)

Art print available on Etsy,

Have a wonderful week ahead~

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Love And Blessings

For everyone celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend (although I think everyday should feel like one). Extend the love to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, your pets and even the strangers on the street! 

*You can personalise this card/ art print here,&nbsp;

*You can personalise this card/ art print here,

Stay blissful~ 

❤ Blessings, Rheea

A Season Of Giving

Helloooooo~ It's my favourite time of the year again. I'm so excited! I hope you've started your holiday shopping?

Well, it's the season of giving and I've decided to give away my latest creation - a 8'' x 10'' custom art print (worth over $90)! You'll get to customise the name, date, hairstyle, attire, colour of the hearts and even have your pet drawn in! Of course you don't need to have a partner to customise this for. You can choose to send it as a wedding/ anniversary/ birthday gift or have me draw two girls instead, for your BFF too! 

For full details on the giveaway, please visit,

Casual look

Casual look

Wedding/ Formal look

Wedding/ Formal look

Also, from now till the end of February 2015, when you subscribe to our mailing list, you can enjoy a 10% storewide discount at our online store,

We'll send you the code word once you signed up. There's no limit to how many times you can use it! Sign up form here, 'subscribe to mailing list').

Happy shopping~ 

❤ Blessings, Rheea

More exciting Perks (4 days left)!

Time is running out... We're down to the last 4 days of our campaign but still far from our target. Please continue to donate and help us spread the words! Help us help more animals! 

We've added a few interesting Perks too - You can now have a portrait of your pet or any animal of your choice drawn in my style.

You can also personalised a balloon house art print with your name(s), and add in a significant date

You can frame it up and give it as a wedding/ anniversary gift!


AND even have your beloved pet drawn in!

The best part is, you can get these while helping other animals!

More images and details can be found here, Hurry, you only have 4 days left!

Meanwhile, you can start to pick your choice for your Perk if you've already made your contribution. All the 6 illustrations are in! :)

For those of you who have not and would love to get any of these illustrations or all 6 of them, you can find out how to do so here, But I have to remind you that you only have 4 days left, so hurry!

Please continue to help us spread the words too. 
Thank you!~ 

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Happy Customer!

Happy customers make me happy! 

This sweet guy told me that his girlfriend is a fan of my works and so he'd decided to get her one of my illustrations as her birthday gift. How thoughtful! I feel really honoured and touched. Thank you Mark and Mindy. May the both of you stay blissful~ 

This was the illustration he'd chosen for Mindy!

Love Tree

Love Tree

You too, can get one of my works on my Etsy store here,! Have a sweet day~ :)

❤ Blessings, Rheea

The Perfect Gift

This must be one of the most perfect gifts you can get for anyone or yourself.

Imagine sipping on your warm warm coffee/tea/cocoa on a cold cold day in one of these lovely tumblers (made with double wall insulation to keep your drinks warm)!

For just $25.50 USD, you get to pick from this selection of adorable drawings (new designs will be added  regularly). And because I love gifts that are personalized, I always keep that in mind when designing my products. Not only can you have the recipient and/or your name on the tumbler; if there is one particular message, quote, affirmation OR mantra you like, just let me know.

AND I've not even tell you the best part ---> there is NO extra charge for that.

simple joy
push the limit
love is in the air
just another lovely day
i heart you
grandma gramophone
dancing in the rain
climb on

More information on the tumbler:

*Made in Japan

*Double wall insulation that keeps your drink warm. YEAH!

*Height - approx. 6.5''

*Diameter - approx. 2.5''

*Approx. 280 ml

Helloooo... What are you still waiting for? Click HERE to buy it now now NOW!

Hee. Have a funtastic weekend.~

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.

Updates And Full Interview About ME! ^^

GONG XI FA CAI to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year! ^^

I hope you've collected tons of 'ang pows' (red packets) and indulged on the endless supply of pineapple tarts.


(Pardon the image quality. This was my mom's best shot after her 10th attempt. lol).

On a different note, I received this email two weeks ago from a sweet lady, Eileen:

''Hi Rheea, was recently at Cat Socrates and bought a tumbler designed by you :) love it for the simplicity of the design!''

She went on to say that she would like to share more about me on her blog, Ourpaperbacks is a little personal space of Eileen, where she shares handicrafts that she made, local artists' works and stories of people who inspire her. I am so honored to be one of them.

So there you go, click here for the full write up.

Before I leave, there are two important things I would like to remind you again:

1) Promotion for our tumblers is only till end of the week. Translation: This is your LAST chance to personalize a tumbler for FREE. Don't miss it!

2) DOLLGIFT flea market which is happening this Sunday, 17 February, between 2pm-8pm at Scape (scroll one post down for more information).


An apology on behalf of Nono. He is not able to join us on Sunday BUT, you can be sure to find items with his adorable face there.

Remember our date!~

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.

Alternative Anniversary/ Wedding Gift Idea

Do you know what's the best thing I like about being a designer?

Yes, I can design whatever I like. BUT the most fun part is that I get to make people happy when I customize something which adds a personal touch for them.

I remember reading this quote somewhere,

''Business is about making people's lives better in some ways.''

In my case, I find fulfillment in designing something that make people's lives happier!

Few weeks ago, I came out with the tumbler series where customers get to personalize it with their name and messages (check HERE for more details about the tumblers! *Stock for the black ones are running out).

Today, I'm excited to launch my latest artwork! Tah-dahhhh!!~~~

balloon house_5
balloon house_2

You can personalize this lovely balloon house to a unique and beautiful wall decor for yourself or your loved ones! A great alternative choice to the usual guestbook.

I'm sure it would make a perfect gift for anniversary, wedding, house warming, birthday and any event you can possibly think of.~

This print measures 16’’ x 20’’, with up to 230 balloons (picture frame not included).

If you need a different dimension or number of balloons, let me know and I'll make the change for you (price differs for a different dimension).

So, how can you personalize this lovely artwork?

You can include your:

1) Names/ Initials

2) A heading if you like (above the balloons) e.g. Our Wedding, Happy Anniversary.

3) Event date

4) Number of balloons (guests)

5) Color choice.

Can’t find the color combination you like? Then pick up to 3 colors of your choice from the color chart!

balloon house_3
balloon house_4

Are you ready to create your very own balloon house? Here's the link to find out all about it!

Stay tuned for more wonderful gift ideas!!~~~ ^^

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.

Personalisable Gift

Did you miss our 'Valentines' Day Special' promo?

Then I'm here to tell you a happy news - the promo is still on!

In case you haven't heard it, Dollgift is offering personalization on these lovely acrylic tumblers for FREE! Let me repeat again, you can now add your name and your sweet note for that special someone for FREE!


What's more?

These tumblers are made in Japan and they come with double wall insulation to keep your coffee/tea/cocoa warm. Double yeah!!! :D

So hurry, click on the link for more details:

Drop me a message if you have any question!

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.