Goodbye, Grandpa

My grandfather passed away last week. In two years, I've lost two close relatives, my dad, Nono and now my grandfather. I've grown stronger mentally and emotionally because of these. Losing a loved one is a great reminder that nothing in life is permanent so cherish your life; be good to yourself, do the things that make you happy, have the courage to pursue your dreams and spend more time with people who matter to you.

Goodbye grandpa. Till we meet again~

❤ Blessings, Charllotte

Happy 50th, Singapore!

One of my favourite childhood memories was spending time at the iconic Dragon-shaped playground with my brother and cousins. We enjoyed playing 'catching' (police and thief), 'one leg' (hopping around with one leg) and lighting up the whole playground with candles and lanterns during Mid-Autumn Festival. Haha! Oh... those were the days! 


Singapore has come a long way and I'm truly blessed to be a part of the country. I wish for Singapore's peace, harmony and prosperity always.

Have a wonderful long weekend, fellow Singaporeans!~

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Goodbye Dad <3

My beloved dad had passed on peacefully on 3 May... I know he is in a beautiful place with the Angels now.

Thank you for all your prayers. I feel really blessed to have the love and support of my relatives and friends during his last journey. Thank you so much. My dad is a blessed man. :)

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Happy birthday to me~

Happy Monday!

On Saturday, I celebrated my 32nd (opps, I mean 23rd birthday! :p). Here's a picture of me looking extremely happy with my birthday gift! :D


I must say that I have been very fortunate to have my birthday wishes coming true every year. So this year, I had wished for my dad to be well and healthy again.^^

Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers for my dad. He is still under observation in the hospital. Please continue to send him positive healing energy!

Have a beautiful week ahead.

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Prayers for my dad

Sorry for the lack of updates. I am going through a really stressful time since my dad has fallen quite ill 3 weeks ago. It is heartbreaking to watch a loved one decline rapidly in their health and wishing there is something you can do to ease their sufferings. Everything is so uncertain at this point and everyday seems like a roller coaster ride.

On the other hand, I am really thankful to receive so much support and love from relatives and friends who knew about it. My family will continue to do our best for my dad and pray hard for his recovery.

Please take care too.

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Alternative Anniversary/ Wedding Gift Idea

Do you know what's the best thing I like about being a designer?

Yes, I can design whatever I like. BUT the most fun part is that I get to make people happy when I customize something which adds a personal touch for them.

I remember reading this quote somewhere,

''Business is about making people's lives better in some ways.''

In my case, I find fulfillment in designing something that make people's lives happier!

Few weeks ago, I came out with the tumbler series where customers get to personalize it with their name and messages (check HERE for more details about the tumblers! *Stock for the black ones are running out).

Today, I'm excited to launch my latest artwork! Tah-dahhhh!!~~~

balloon house_5
balloon house_2

You can personalize this lovely balloon house to a unique and beautiful wall decor for yourself or your loved ones! A great alternative choice to the usual guestbook.

I'm sure it would make a perfect gift for anniversary, wedding, house warming, birthday and any event you can possibly think of.~

This print measures 16’’ x 20’’, with up to 230 balloons (picture frame not included).

If you need a different dimension or number of balloons, let me know and I'll make the change for you (price differs for a different dimension).

So, how can you personalize this lovely artwork?

You can include your:

1) Names/ Initials

2) A heading if you like (above the balloons) e.g. Our Wedding, Happy Anniversary.

3) Event date

4) Number of balloons (guests)

5) Color choice.

Can’t find the color combination you like? Then pick up to 3 colors of your choice from the color chart!

balloon house_3
balloon house_4

Are you ready to create your very own balloon house? Here's the link to find out all about it!

Stay tuned for more wonderful gift ideas!!~~~ ^^

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.