Swimming With Fish


Apology for neglecting my blog for a while; I've been really tied up with my freelance and paperwork.

Anyway, here's the latest piece of work I'd completed and posted on my Facebook Page some time ago. So remember to 'like' my page for any first-hand updates in future - www.facebook.com/DollgiftByRheea! :D

Swimming WIth Fishes

Swimming WIth Fishes

The weather has turned so warm these days that Nono decided to take a dip in the sea with the fishes! Well, I really like the colour of this one. It must be one of the most colourful works I'd done so far. What do you think? :)

As I won't be listing it on Etsy till I complete the full series, do let me know if you're keen to purchase this as art print.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the next piece which is coming up REAL soon! 

❤ Xoxo, Rheea