Custom Pet Portraits

Commissioned pet portrait 1: Phoebe with her signature head tilt. Isn’t she a cute little angel? Thank you @didel613 for ordering this to surprise Diane. You’re the sweetest friend anyone can ask for.

Clients's note: ''It’s so realistic looking wow, and I can also feel the her staring at me! I hope Diane, Phoebes Mom will love it as much as I do...I think she will. I can’t honestly thank you enough for your willingness to do this, and your time and love you put into it. It really shows!'' - Diane (United States)

Recipient's note: ''A sincere thank you to @didel613 for commissioning this amazing portrait of my sweet Phoebe. I can’t stop looking at it! Also thanks to the artist @dollgift You have perfectly captured her vibe. I am in awe of your talent. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart.'' Waltersphoebe (United States)

Commissioned pet portrait 2: I waited to share this piece for a long time. It was meant to be a surprise; I wanted the recipient to see it first so as not to ruin their surprise. Custom orders such as this always make me happy knowing that someone cares alot to want to do something special for their loved one. And it was my absolute pleasure they entrusted me to help. For this particular piece, a group of friends decided to come together to comfort a friend - Michelle had lost her beloved dog recently. The best part is, I know some of them had only met through Instagram (one thing I love about social media!). I was touched beyond words by their sweet gesture. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. A special thanks to @didel613 for the correspondence and for making this happen. You guys are amazing. Thank you for letting me know you love the art piece and for the permission to share your photo as well, Michelle - I hope you find some comfort everytime you look at this drawing. Know that you and Peanut are very loved by many friends. @peanut_dachshund. 💜

Recipient's note: ''I got the most beautiful gift today from my amazing friends. I cannot thank y’all enough for coming together to make this gift possible I’ve been looking at this painting for hours you have no idea how much this mean to me. It’s perfect in every way you guys really put the biggest smile on my face today. A big thank you to the artists @dollgift for taking the time to make this for my family and I, You are so talented and I’m so blessed to have one your art pieces. Thank you again to me amazing instagram Family I don’t know what I would do without you! Peanut I hope you can see this beautiful painting from heaven and I hope you makes you happy. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you but now when I see this picture I will smile and remember the memories we made that day. I love you old man & don’t forget you are my sunshine.'' - Michelle (United States)

If you’d also like to have your pet drawn, get in touch for a quote or visit my shop page for more details!

❤ Blessings, Charllotte

Always In My Heart

It has been 3 years today since I lost a piece of my heart. Although it has been that long, it still feels like yesterday. Nono was diagnosed with mast cell tumor a week after my dad’s unexpected passing. Even with cancer cells showing all around his body, he was still his playful, goofy self. I thought, or was hoping he would eventually get better with western/chinese medications and a stricted diet. But that only lasted for 8 months. His condition took a turn for the worst overnight. Suddenly he was refusing food which was very unlikely of him. I hugged him close to sleep that night, praying that he would feel better the next day. When dawn came, he was unresponsive. Then he had a seizure in his unconscious state. I was feeling so scared and helpless all alone at home at that time. I remember running around the block with his lifeless body in my arms frantically trying to flag down a cab to get to the vet (for some reason, the cab I called didn’t show up). But no one would stop their car. I was crying and praying so hard for help. I was a wreck. My boy didn’t wake up since that day. As I gaze up at the sky each night, I think about our evening walks in the park. I miss his cheeky face. I miss holding him close in my arms again. I’m sorry, I wasn’t a great pawrent to you.. I wish I could have done so much more. I hope you knew you were loved till the very end. For now, I’ll just keep you close in my heart till we meet again.

❤ Blessings, Charllotte

Goodbye Nono...

With a very heavy heart, I'd like to announce that my beloved boy had left us yesterday. He was very blessed to be surrounded by his loved ones when he passed. He looked as though he was taking his nap on a usual afternoon, except he's no longer in pain.

We weren't prepared for this to happen so soon. Afterall, his condition seemed to have stabilised over the past 7 months after the diagnosis. He was reacting well to his changed diet, Chinese medicines and supplements. The tumours on various parts of his body (with new ones forming now and then) had all disappeared, except for the one on his fore paw but even that seemed under controlled. Without any warning, everything just went downhill at a rapid speed within a few days. Then he was gone. I kept asking myself what had I done wrong or not done enough. I was struggling with so much guilt. His vet however assured me that sometimes our sick pet may seem completely normal on the outside, active and running about, but we wouldn't know what's really going on inside their body; the cancer cells could have spread to other parts of his body without us realising. I felt a little better.. just a little. I guess we just weren't ready to let him go. But then again, we'll never really be ready. I keep reminding myself at least he is no longer in pain.


Thinking back, I'm really grateful to have that 'extra' 7 months with him. If he were to leave right after my dad's passing, it'd have been alot harder for us. And because of that, we treasured the moments we got to spend with him more. I'm sure he is in a beautiful place, possibly with my dad now. For now, I'll just have to continue to miss hugging him, sniffing his head, having him greet us at the door when we return home, staring intently at us whenever we're eating, letting him naps on my bed as I work at my desk, our evening walks in the park, and most of all, miss having him around.


Run free my boy. You'll always be in our hearts; our mischievous darling boy. Till we meet again. :') 

❤ Blessings, Rheea