Fly Me To The Moon

If you've been following my works, you may notice a little more details in my recent drawings compared to my past works. I'll let you in on a little secret.. I'd discovered the pleasure of seeing my plain white paper covered with little pen strokes.. the more the better. I know what you're thinking; my boyfriend and friend think I'm a pervert too. Lol.

The challenges I faced on this particular piece were the cloud's shading and funnily, the moon! I had to google on the color of the moon and got confused further since it's color tone varies on different days. After finally deciding on an orange-yellow tone and happily filled up the moon, I realized it was looking more like a sun. -.- I was on the verge of changing the concept to a sun instead but decided to give it one last shot. This time, I added in more shades of yellow and some chickenpox-like detail (what a nice description). Honestly, I'm still not very satisfied with the result but that should be the best for now. 

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❤ Xoxo, Rheea.