Dogs Onboard & Basic Illustration Class - Lesson 8

It's sci fi time again! In lesson 8, we'd to create a stylized/realistic character for the media/gaming industry.

Besides looking a little stiff, I think she looks pretty cool (and hot?). What do you think? :p

lesson 8 -rheea.png

Moving on to a totally different style... 

Tiny little things are spotted on a boat carrying huge lollipops! Direction of where they're heading is still unclear.


I've always feel a strong connection with dogs and I really hope to do more for our fur buddies, be it raising awareness for adoption or understanding the importance of giving them a 'forever' home. I'll be creating a series of illustrations with dogs (lots and lots of them!) and having the illustrations printed on tote bags, postcards, calendar or t-shirts. Half of the sale proceeds from this project will be donated to a local dog shelter. 

At this moment, I do not have alot of fund to start with so I'll have to look to collaboration or platforms like Kickstarter and Threadless for help. If you've any other suggestion, I'd love to hear them.

Thank you in advance for your support and your love for our fur buddies!

Meanwhile, art print for this piece is available on Etsy

Have a lovely week!

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Basic Illustration Class - Lesson 7

Hello! It's yet another week so here's the recap on my basic illustration lesson 7 with Jimmy.

It was a very challenging lesson for me as we'd to create my FIRST EVER sci fi art! I only managed to complete this piece at home but boy, I love the end result! Without further ado, let me show you my proud creation. Heh~

For a start, we experimented with 'custom shapes' and brushes. The textured effect on my island/mountains were done with the help of custom shapes and special brush for the grass. You can actually download free interesting brushes and customs shapes online. The ones I used were from Jimmy's collection and it was very generous of him to share it with us.   

I got bored with this and started on a new piece. Ah.... this is much better.

After creating a basic form using a combination of custom shapes, I got this.

Then putting what I've learnt to good use by adding in the details with various brush effect; multiply, soft light, hard light and my favourite guy ---> color dodge.

I thought of creating some spacecrafts but quickly dismissed that idea. Then. I had another idea... How about an iron pegasus?! Woo. I love that idea!

I found a horse image which I'd like to work on. 

And came out with this. I LOVE IT!!

lesson 7iii-rheeazhang.png

I then consulted Jimmy for feedback and suggestion on how I can create a magical effect around the horse. This was what he came out with. Wow! It looks like a fantasy sci fi piece. I liked that the focus is fully on my magnificent horse (prince) now.

Have a magical new week ahead! ^^

❤ Blessings, Rheea