Lost Stars

But are we all lost stars, trying to light up in the dark?~ ✨ .


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❤ Blessings, Charllotte

Our Story & Free Pet Portrait

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite. ~ <3

Customise this unique and thoughtful gift for wedding, anniversary, Valentines' day, housewarming or any other day. You don't need a special occasion to send a gift anyway. :)

You can also choose to customise a new design. More designs and full details here, 

This week's Free Pet Portrait is dedicated to an adventurous dog named, Poh! 
Poh is a 15 years young rescued dog. When his human parents found out that he has only limited time left on earth, they decided to bring him on a bucket list road trip. Poh's story went viral and has 121k followers on his Instagram cheering him on till date. The love of his parents touched me deeply. So here's a portrait of Poh, the amazing adventurer! You can show them some love and support by following them on Instagram @pohthedogsbigadventure.

poh-compressed copy.png

Now you can DM me photos of your beloved pet on Instagram or Facebook (whether they are here or in heaven) for next week's Free Pet Portrait. If your submission is picked, I'll send you a high res digital copy of the portrait for FREE. You may keep the file, print it out to have it framed and hang on your wall or even print it onto merchandise. If you'd like for me to print it out and send to your home, printing and postage fee apply. 

If your submission is not selected, you can still customise a portrait of your pet at a special price of US$68 (smaller dimension available at lower price). More information here, https://goo.gl/sGw2hR

Have a fabulous week ahead~

❤ Blessings, Rheea

*Photos of Poh are taken from their Instagram*

DOGs 6th Illustration

Completing the 6th illustration of my DOGs series with a night mood. I hope you like it!

Thank you for all the new shares and funders for our campaign over the past week. If you'd like to show your support but haven't done so, you only have 6 days left to do so. Every little support will mean alot to us and the dogs we're helping. Here's all the detail on how you can get our merchandise while supporting a good cause, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dogs-postcard

Please continue to help us spread the message!

Thank you and have a wonderful week. 

❤ Blessings, Rheea

Sail Away (story continues...)

Gently, the clouds float across the clear blue sky.~

The magic umbrella has landed amidst the fluffy clouds after a night's ride.

Nono and Binnie are not tired at all. In fact, they are both overjoyed! Who wouldn't anyway?

Everything seems so surreal.

They can feel the softness of the cotton-like clouds caressing their tiny faces. They see stars everywhere and............. wait a minute... is that a fish?!! Yes! They are not dreaming, it is indeed a fish swimming in the clouds! Wow.

Could this be what they call... heaven?   

Where is the magic umbrella floating to? 

What interesting happenings will Nono and Binnie encounter next? 

Be sure to return for the answer. Or better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed below to ensure you don't miss out any update!

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Thank you for reading!  

❤ Xoxo, Rheea

Picking A Falling Star

Done with my latest work!

I did it a little differently this time round. What do you think of my dotted dash strokes? :)

Took me quite a while to finish this piece since the strokes are much harder to control and I had to do a fair bit of editing in Photoshop. Nevertheless, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

If you like Picking A Fallen Star and would like to purchase an art print, please visit my Etsy store HERE

Thank you for reading!  

❤ Xoxo, Rheea

Follow The Stars

I have always been fascinated with the sky above; the moon, the stars, the clouds and rainbow. Each time I stare up into the blue sky or a star-filled night, I find myself wondering what's beyond. Are there Angels, Unicorns or other celestial beings living above? Strange as it may sound, I feel an immense sense of peace by the thought of it. Somehow my heart 'knew' that was where I came from and I will be going back there someday...


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❤ Xoxo, Rheea.


I Want To Be The Brightest Star In The Sky

After much procrastination, I'd picked up that pencil/pen again! Heh. Not surprisingly, I couldn't stop once I get started.

Many people have told me how cool a tablet is, that I could easily and instantly edit any mistake while drawing. Well, I bought a tablet 2 years ago, worked on a few projects with it and now I'm considering to sell it. Lol. I guess I still very much prefer the natural look of the strokes of a real inked pen than that of a tablet. Plus, I actually find traditional drawing very therapeutic!

I'd spent 1 hour on the grass alone and I love how it turned out (now you know why I said it's therapeutic). I doubt I can create the same effect with a tablet. 

Lastly, filling in the colors in Photoshop! 

Couldn't decide which one looks better.. Perhaps I like the blue star a wee bit more since it is one of my favorite colors.

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''Darkness only exists so we can see the stars.''~

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.