Another design for my gift card collection!  

As I'm working towards the licensing industry, I've been experimenting with more colourful artworks. Some of you may have noticed the gradual change from my black and white style to pastel coloured illustrations over the years. I guess the challenge is in trying to create drawings that more people would buy (I dislike the word 'commercialized') but at the same time not losing my style.

Well, I did a few variations on this piece. Let me know what you think! :)


If you like 'Teddy' and would like to purchase the art print, please visit my Etsy store HERE


Oh by the way, if you have subscribed to our RSS feed, you may noticed repeated images for my last few blog posts. I'm so sorry for any confusion. I'd feedback to the Squarespace team and they are addressing the issue now. Hopefully the error will be resolved soon. 

On another note, my 'Rain or Shine' art print was featured in the Etsy treasury by Inkspired. Check out this lovely treasury HERE

Have a beautiful new week ahead!

❤ Xoxo, Rheea & Nono