Thank you 2014

I was overwhelmed by all the encouraging words pouring in on my earlier post on Facebook (read about it here >> Thank you so much! I feel very loved. ^^

I know there are people who have been through (or are going through) tougher times than me but please keep your faith! Everything in life is temporary, we just have to learn to dance in the rain (and enjoy it!). The best part is, challenges make us stronger and wiser too. 

With this whimsical illustration, I wish all of you an adventurous and fun-filled new year. Be bold, be happy, be yourself. 

We’ll chat again in 2015. Wooohoooo~~~

❤ Blessings, Rheea & Nono

PS: I wasn't very active on Instagram in the past; sharing only work related stuffs. But I've decided to share more about my life outside of work in the coming new year. You're welcome to follow me on Instagram >>