Recently my Nono was diagnosed with cancer. We took him to the vet after we observed a continuous growth of  lumps on the bottom of his paw and lower lip. Yes, it is the dreaded cancer. BUT no, I'm not going to give any more power to this disease. Not even after losing my dad to lymphoma two months back.

Considering my boy would be turning 12 this year, we have no intention of letting him go through any surgery that would cause him to lose two toes (or more) and his lower lip. After consulting with a TCM vet and doing some research online, we made quite abit of adjustment to his diet which now consist mainly of home-cooked meal, TCM and some supplements. 

I'm glad he is still eating very well at the moment. Just look at how adorable he was in his new booties (sorry my dear, they only had the pink ones left :p).

Please be strong and healthy again, naughty boy! 

On a lighter note, I'd signed up for a basic illustration course at Mages which will commence end of July. Although this is just a 6-weekly course, I'm still very excited about it. Plus, this would be my very first illustration course as I've never done anything like this before. The encouraging part is that, I was also being offered a 90% grant by MDA (Media Development Authority). This means I only have to pay $128+ for the course! I can't wait to be in 'school' again.

Well, I'll be documenting what I've learned on my blog every week and hopefully there'll be something you can learn from. Stay tuned!

❤ Blessings, Rheea